viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Barack Obama(english)

Barack Obama was born on August 4th,1961 in Honolulu,Hawai,first child of Barack Obama I,a Kenian student,and Ann Dunham , a white woman from Wichita,Kansas, who was a archaeologist on practices in that zone. In 1964, when Barack was three years old,his parents divorced and Ann married to a Indonesian man called Lolo Soetoro, who moved with them to Indonesia in 1967.The unique child of the marriage ,Maya, was born in 1970. Barack moved to Hawai in 1971 and was graduated from Punahou Faculty in 1979 after that he moved to Los Angeles to attend Occidental Coll. He was laurated with the Nobel Prize in 8 October

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juan carlos tejeda dijo...

Hi Saverio Junior, great post, very well written. Is it all yours or did you copy and paste from some other website? In any case I like the fact that you keep up with your English which is very good. By the way, note also that Barack is the first president of the USA to receive such award when still in active (Eisenhower, Wilson, Carter and vice P. Al Gore got the Nobel prize when they had already retired)

nuria dijo...

Hi Honey,
I like very much your post. Do you agree with this decition??. I am not sure that Obama deserves this award, he is president for less one year so he had no time enough to work for the peace in the world. Time will tell us if the decision taken is the correct one.
I love you,

nuria dijo...

Para Juan Carlos.

Yes, he has written the whole post by himself.

Un beso,


saverio dijo...

Yes,but Barack is a type of man that are not common in this world,and he deserves this award more that every one can deserve it in this world.