miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

Roma cada vez más cerca... y la ceremonia lejos

La verdad es que lo tengo redondo. Llegan Milanka y Sandra, a lo mejor me libro de las anginas y Roma está a un mes y medio. Ya me imagino la situación el 21 antes de salir:
1: Facturamos las ocho maletas
2: Embarcamos

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Milanka dijo...

Javier Jr.
How are you?
It was so wonderful to see you! Your blog was always great but now Sandra and I feel famous in Spain. I will be sending you some very good photographs. My favorite one is of the two of us by the washing machine.
Out time in Span was wonderful and I cannot wait to come back.
Had a chance to listen to CIPELA for the first time on: http://www.eurovision.tv/event/artistdetail?song=24698&event=1481

I think you did better singing than the original version, but it's just probably me as I love your voice. I think that you should totaly go for SINGING COMPETITION!

All the best

saverio dijo...

Zdravo. I thank you for all that you have made for me.I am so glad that you are now fan of my blog... and Sandra too, I hope.
Give my kindest regards to Sasha if you can. I am sincerely proud of this.
(I am not going to assist a Singing competition EVERYWHERE)but anyway thank you. Dovidseña.